We get together once a month, on the last Thursday of every month, to discuss issues in Education that are of concern to us and to learn more about them.

How to Join

The chat is run on twitter using the hashtag #EduIn. Each tweet relevant to the conversation must be tagged with this hashtag to be able to participate. By clicking on the hashtag ‘#EduIn’ within twitter, you should be able to see all the other tweets on this topic participating in the discussion.

This is a Moderated chat for one hour. The moderator has 6 questions for the hour, giving us 10 minutes to answer each question. Please join in with your responses, remembering to add #EduIn to each response. The response does not need to be addressed to anybody in particular, as long as the hashtag has been included, all interested participants can see it and respond or learn from it. (Pro Tip: Copy #EduIn during the chat and paste it before you start your tweet. This way you don’t have to type it all the time and can also manage your tweet length!)

At the end of one hour, the moderater gives the floor to all participants to carry on the free flowing discussion, which can go on for as long as there is interest.

The Rules

There are only a few rules:

1. Please answer the questions adding A1, A2 etc. to your responses. The questions are designed to cover most of the topic without jumping back and forth. During the moderated hour, please restrict yourself to answers. After that, please feel free to add your views in the free flowing discussion. Please stay with the issue of the month.

2. Please ensure all tweets are polite, civil and supportive. The objective here is to learn from each other. Please respect that.

3. Please add the ‘#EduIn’ to each of your responses.

4. Please feel free to add newspaper articles, charts, diagrams or your own blog-posts on the topic to add weight to your discussion. This is NOT a sales platform, please do not embarrass yourself by trying to sell products during the chat.

Happy to hear more suggestions, but 4 rules is enough for now 🙂


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